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Meet Ty

Ty tugwell, dj and club owner modelling for for we got cookies

A boss man

Ty Tugwell is a Jamaican born DJ, club owner, promoter and podcast personality, living in Stockholm.

We asked Ty to choose his favourite styles in our collection and then filmed him in them as well took some shots.

The reason we chose Ty for this is because he inspires us!
His fearlessness, his great zest for life and love for his underground community.
His warmth and also his dominant streak. His way of dressing that bends the gender conventions when he feels like it...

Ty is a strong believer in the idea of leading by example. He aspires to help create a subculture that can be a blue print for the larger society. One where a liberal mind set, personal and communal responsibility are at the forefront of the decisions and focus of each individual, especially those in positions of power and control.

Ty's selection

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Techno is his love

Ty Tugwell is a Jamaican born DJ, club owner and promoter as well as the creator and host of the 5TVodcast living in Stockholm.

After migrating from New York City in 2001 at the age of 25, he fell in love with the city’s underground techno scene’s spontaneous nature, liberal mind set and feeling of community.

Having been a Hip Hop and R&B Dj he found his voice within the techno genre and quickly established himself as top notch Dj and later one of the guardians of the underground techno scene in Sweden’s capital.

His events are usually intended to lift the quality and inspire comradery through out the scene and the city on a whole.

Episode 4 from 5TVodcast

Ty on insta

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