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Meet Emma

One of the best pole dancers in Sweden

One of the most talented pole dance artists to come out of Sweden, Emma With her awe-inspiring performances and exceptional skill set, Emma has taken the world of pole dance by storm, mesmerizing audiences with her grace, strength, and poise.

Born in Korea and raised in Stockholm, Emma’s passion is pole dance. Over the years, Emma has honed her craft, developing a unique style that seamlessly blends athleticism and artistry. Whether performing on stage as a solo act, as a duo or teaching in the studio, Emma’s infectious energy and love for pole dance is palpable.

She has a natural talent for expressing raw as well as subtle emotions through dancing.

As a teacher she empowers, inspires and help her students to reach their full potential and discover the joy of pole dance.

She loves to dress boldly when she wants to be seen. We met her at an underground techno party and it was impossible to not be mesmerised by her style, grace och confidence. When she agreed to model she wanted to style herself as well as having a few harness styles created just for her.

Emma's selection

Boss babe harness 2.0

Introducing the updated version of our Classic Boss Babe Harness - the ultimate accessory for the modern and edgy woman who wants to make a statement.

This second version has been redesigned to incorporate even more edge and claw with the addition of back straps and a minimalistic front.

As with all of our harnesses, the Classic Boss Babe Harness is crafted from sustainable materials, making it an eco-friendly choice that leaves a positive impact on the planet.

"a model wearing a black leather harness from we got cookies, a sustainable fashion brand that specializes in unique and bold accessories. Stand out from the crowd and unleash your individuality with we got cookies. #sustainablefashion #accessories #harnesses #originalstyle #consciousfashion
Minimal and sexy black leather harness with silver hardware from we got cookies, a sustainable fashion brand that specializes in unique and bold accessories. Elevate your fashion game and unleash your individuality with we got cookies. #sustainablefashion #accessories #harnesses #originalstyle #consciousfashion

Obey harness

For the seductress, the enchanter, this harness is not for the timid.

Crafted from top-quality leather and adorned with striking hardware, the Obey harness is a bold and daring piece that will leave you feeling empowered and in control.

Its unapologetically sensual design is perfect for those times when you want to take your confidence and sexuality to the next level.


Minimalistic, clean and yet so beautiful, this harness gives even the most plain top an uplift and levels up your style.

Gender neutral vibe, fits any physique, easy to wear and easier than that to love, this harness quickly becomes your everyday must have accessory.

We got cookies sensual fashion accessories

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