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Musings  and Exercises

How to Anchor your vibe

A powerful technique The process of anchoring is a powerful technique derived from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). This practice allows you to create a ‘trigger’ or

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We got cookies sensual fashion accessories for daytime style and night time play

Why Trust Your Instinct

Sensual accessorizing Sensual accessorizing is a dance between intuition and personal style. It’s a journey that invites you to trust your instincts, to listen to

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Seduce your life

Pleasure mindset To seduce life is to adopt a mindset of pleasure, where sensuality becomes the key that unlocks the door to the present moment.

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Meet Emma

One of the best pole dancers in Sweden One of the most talented pole dance artists to come out of Sweden, Emma With her awe-inspiring

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"indulge in luxury with this handmade leather harness. Sourced from sweden and crafted from vegetable tanned leather, it is both sustainable and beautiful. The designer style is sure to elevate any fashion ensemble, empowering you to make a statement with your individual style.

Meet Angie

A lady of refined taste Angie is a Russian-Swedish beauty with the rare combination of brains, heart and guts! A professional within the marketing sector,

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Ty tugwell, dj and club owner modelling for for we got cookies

Meet Ty

A boss man Ty Tugwell is a Jamaican born DJ, club owner, promoter and podcast personality, living in Stockholm. We asked Ty to choose his

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Our Customers say

Got the perfect set custom made for my lover as a bday gift. He adores his harness and it turns me on AF!


Got myself something just for me. I wear it under my shirt at work and it makes me feel so powerful. The whole mood around me at the office has changed... Love it and recommend it to everyone.



I had a set made especially for when I go to Berghain. Sexy MF, that's me vibing in my harness on the dance floor. And yeah, it gets me what I want...


Add a touch of edgy luxury and elegance to any outfit.

Our harnesses are more than just an accessory – they have the power to transform a basic outfit into something spectacular.

Designed to be worn during the day or night, our harnesses offer versatility for any occasion.

During the day, our harnesses can add a touch of edginess to your daytime style.

The bold and daring designs, crafted from top-quality leather will help you stand out from the crowd and turn heads wherever you go.

And for those nights when you want to unleash your sensuality and make a statement, our harnesses are the perfect choice.

With designs that are meant to seduce and empower, you can shine your playtime be it at a club or somewhere more intimate…