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How to Anchor your vibe

A powerful technique

The process of anchoring is a powerful technique derived from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). This practice allows you to create a 'trigger' or 'anchor' that enables you to access specific states or emotions on demand.

This is incredibly beneficial for anyone looking to tap into their desired state at will, as it helps you create a direct path to accessing that state.

You can use anchors to reinforce positive habits and behaviours. By creating an anchor that triggers a positive emotional state, you are more likely to repeat the associated behaviour, thus reinforcing the habit.

At the end of this article you'll find instructions on how to do it!

Deepen and enrich

Anchoring can be used to deepen and enrich sensory experiences. This is where it ties beautifully with the We Got Cookies brand philosophy.

By consciously anchoring the feeling of the leather against your skin, the sight of the beautifully crafted accessory, or even the smell of the leather, you make each WGC piece a trigger for sensual self-expression and pleasure.

Each time you put on the accessory, the anchored feelings are invoked, enhancing your sensory experience and personal connection with the piece.

Using anchoring with your We Got Cookies accessories makes each piece not just a fashion statement, but a potent tool for self-discovery and personal transformation.

Personal power

Above all, anchoring gives you control over your emotional and mental states, empowering you to curate your experiences and reactions. It is a tool for personal growth, helping you create your desired reality.

Anchor a specific emotion

Step 1: Choose your Anchor: Start by picking a specific accessory that resonates with you. This could be a harness or restraint piece that you feel drawn to.

Step 2: Identify your Desired State: Think about a state of sensual empowerment that you want to anchor. It could be a feeling of self-love, confidence, sensuality, or liberation.

Step 3: Recall a Memory: Close your eyes and think of a time when you felt this state most intensely. It could be a particular accomplishment or a moment when you felt truly empowered.

Step 4: Immersive Visualization: Visualize this memory vividly. Engage all your senses. Remember the environment, people, sounds, scents, and how it felt in your body.

Step 5: Set the Anchor: As you relive the peak of this empowering moment, touch or hold your chosen WGC accessory. This action creates an association between the empowering state and the accessory.

Step 6: Break State: Open your eyes and shift your thoughts to something neutral for a few moments.

Step 7: Test the Anchor: Now touch or hold your accessory again. You should feel a rush of the empowering feelings come back to you. If so, the anchor is set. If not, repeat the process.

Remember, the more you use your anchor, the stronger the association becomes. Now, whenever you wear your WGC accessory, it becomes a symbol and trigger of your sensual empowerment. You've transformed your accessory into a tool for personal growth and sensual exploration.

Enjoy the journey!


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