To continually serve your imagination New delights to enchant your senses.
Why? We believe that more you enjoy your life, the more you’ll love the people in it who in return Will love you back more. A delicious circle as opposed to the other kind (hint: it rymes with delicious).
Pleasure and enjoyment come in as many shades as there are minds. The trick in discovering Your most potent pleasures (the odds of Simply stumbling into them are about as big as you getting rescued by a white knight this evening. Sorry.) is to be actively aware of what feels good and what doesn’t.
How does one type of feelgood differ from another? The effects of a soft touch can feel a universe a part from the way sweet words whispered over the phone in the middle of the night.
Why is That specific combo of words, music and moving images so soothing to me when the same message expressed differently doesn’t even kittle my shadow?
We wholeheartedly invite you to join us on a mission of Discovery of your sensual universe on all levels and in all its glorious expressions.
Through the products we dream up for you to the by-invite-only after hours minimal parties we produce together with our favourite DJ’s and underground party promotors. To the soon to be unleashed, We got Cookies School of Pleasure to our carefully chosen local heroes who write monthly to inspire you to do what You want to do.
We want you to be happy. For you to take great daily pleasure in being exactly who you are, everyday! That would be Heaven on earth! Seriously, imagine for a second if the majority of us felt that way most of the time. What a Paradise earth would be…
We’re pragmatic, so we start here right now.
Have a look at our shop and see if you find something you love.
Check out our calendar for upcoming parties, workshops or events.
Please take some time to read The 🍪 Chronicles by our Local Heroes. They’re Lovable in many ways!
We got cookies is a Swedish brand born into The World in the year 2018 of our Ladylord.
We Got Cookies makes handmade accessories for day time style and night time play.We make all our harnesses and other accessories in our studio, Stockholm, Sweden.
We make them to order to fit you and your specifications.
You can always choose the color of the metal on both rings and rivets to get the look you most desire.
With us, you´re more than welcome to order even custom made harnesses!Should you desire a custom harness design made for a special occasion or purpose, we Love you even more! Get in touch now!

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