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All our harnesses are made after you’ve placed your order. There is no stock. We don’t buy ready made designs from China. Everything on sale in this shop is made by us (often at night because we’re night owls) in our studio in Stockholm.

Why? More fun! Working with our hands is fun.

Also it creates Less waste! There no stock to put on sale twice per season and so nothing to throw away if it doesn’t sell.

Also doing it all ourselves gives us total control of the working environment of our workforce (us). No under aged slaves here, nope! Great huh?!


Because you’re worth it. We think you are! You’re worth to feel that what you wear was made especially for you and that will fit no one better than it fits you.

Should you like a small change in the design to suit your proportions or Simply because you have a better idea than we har, then choose made to measure instead of a regular size when you order. You can order all our products in regular sized of course. Yet, we prefer to make them after your specific measurements to ensure a perfect fit and your total satisfaction!

So, if you´re in Stockholm, please come by our studio after you´ve placed your made to measure order so we can do a fitting and make sure your chosen harness fits you like a latex glove!


For the ultimate fit! Both to your style and your body. Order your design Custom made if you have an idea you’d like to have made by us or if you’ve seen a harness with elements you like but want it changed to suit your taste. If you need a statement piece for a particular gala or event; if you’re a performer and need something out of this world for your next show. For your wedding night, you might want a completely white harness with white rings or some other Custom choice of color or material. Your imagination is your limit. Together let’s co-create your perfect harness!


And find your Love. How? Honestly, we´ve learned the hard and painful way that one’s outlook on Life depends on one’s relationship with oneself. The more you are in love with who you are, the easier it is to find and give love outside of yourself. So why not put part of the effort you invest to seduce a potential partner, in seducing your first for Life partner: Yourself!

Make yourself sensual or hot or cute or whatever’s your thing, just for you?

Seduce yourself, fall in love with yourself and the rest will be full of love as well.