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I don’t want a harness made of leather. Can i still order your designs?

Yes! We offer at least one vegan alternative but often more to every piece we make. Choose the material you want when choosing your size.

How Long Will Delivery Take?

Everything we sell is made to order. From the moment we receive your order, it takes us 1 to 4 business days to make it. Shipping usually takes 1-14 days depending on where you live and which shipping method you chose.

If you order something made to measure, we might first send you a test harness for fitting purposes before sending the final version.

If you order a custom made piece, delivery is agreed upon after fittings are done.

Can I try The Product Out Before I Buy It?

Everything we sell is made to order. However we have all styles hanging in our studio in Stockholm. You are very welcome to book an appointment and come by for a fitting and a chat before choosing which piece to buy.

If you order a custom made piece, then it does not exist before we make it for you. You can try it on after fittings are done.

What Exactly Happens After Ordering a Made to Measure piece?

All our harnesses are made by hand by us in our studio. We prefer to make them after your specific measurements to ensure a perfect fit and your total satisfaction!

If you want your harness made to your specific measurements, instead of choosing a size, choose the MADE TO MEASURE option.

How does it work?

If you´re in Stockholm, please book an appointment with us through our Facebook page.
When you come by our studio, we’ll have a little chat and we’ll take your measurements. Together we choose a date set for you to come back for a fitting session from which you walk away with your new harness.

If you are somewhere else than Stockholm, as soon as we receive your order, we’ll send you a short video showing which and how to take the measurements we need for your specific harness. This so you can send us what we need to make your chosen harness fit you like a glove! However depending on the complexity of the harness and the proportions of the person to receive it, we might opt to first send a fitting-harness for you to try out and approve. After having received your feedback, we then make the harness in the material you ordered and send it to you

Can I Send My Order As A Gift?

Of course you can! And what a gift!!!

May we suggest that unless you are 100% certain of the size of the person you are gifting the harness to, that you instead buy and send them a gift card with the value and name of the harness you want to give them?

You can buy our gift cards in our shop.

What happened to We got cookies After Hours?

We can’t have any after hours parties at the moment due to the restrictions covid-19 brought about. As soon as they are lifted we’ll start organizing our deep house – minimal techno parties again.

How do i apply to your pleasure school classes?

We’ve had to post-pone the courses at a physical location a bit because of covid 19 restrictions but we are currently working on an online platform with a selection of teachers and classes. Meanwhile we are adapting the format of our IRL classes to the current reality so we’ll be able to take a very limited number of students per class during summer 2021.

Please send us a message if you are interested in our curriculum or have suggestions you want us to consider. We’re open to all serious and fun ideas!

How do i get access to the Dark Chocolate cookies?

As you have noticed the Dark Chocolate  Cookies page is password restricted. To gain the password you’ll either need an existing member to vouch for why you should get access (and become a member) or send us a message explaining why think we should grant you access to the Dark Chocolate Cookies.

Help! How do i wear my harness?

Relax, we’re here to help! Let’s find a time that suits us both and we’ll send you a Zoom link to a live video meeting at the agreed upon day and time. There one of the WGC team will show you how to put it on as well as provide styling tips should you desire them.

How do i take care of my new leather harness?

Great question!

We suggest that you buy leather fat or oil and use it often and generously. This will ensure that you harness lasts longer but also gets a great patina over time

Especially important is to put fat on after use if you’ve sweating before putting it back in your drawer or on a hanger, please use oil on it so that the sweat doen’t damage the leather needlessly.

Help! I’ve lost / gained weight!! Can you help me adjust my harness to my current size?

Of course we can! If you’re in Stockholm, please book an appointment through our facebook calender and we’ll adjust it for you free of charge!

If you can’t come to our studio send us a message and we’ll find a time and date to do a zoom meeting where you can show us the issue and we’ll explain how to take the measurements we need to adjust your harness.  We’ll still do it free of charge but you’ll have to pay shipping costs.