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    The cooks behind the cookies...


    Camilla Wellton

    CCO and Designer

    Viveka Björhn

    School Headmaster and Designer

    Tobias Fröberg


    I grew up on a farm one hour from Stockholm and, except of two years in Mozambique, I lived there until the age of 20. With an academic background in science, business, economy and business law. My first job was to launch of a Finnish subsidiary in Sweden. This was also the start of my entrepreneurial journey. To be honest, the first half of my entrepreneurial life, my focus has mainly been on succeeding as an entrepreneur, with making money as the key metric. 2013 I had a turning point and my mindset started to change rapidly. I lost a lot of money in one of the businesses I was involved in, which eventually led to a bankruptcy. This almost brought our other businesses in the with it in the fall, and it took a long time for them to recover. An opportunity popped up for me and I moved to West Africa to launch a nationwide business in Gambia (which also included business travels to Sierra Leone and Liberia). I’ve always been into personal growth but this experience made me more interested in spiritual development which in turn opened up my eyes more for emotional development. This experience also made me more interested in humanity and altruism. My move to West Africa made me speed up my travelling frequency and my country count is close to 100 countries at the moment. My travelling has meant so much more to me than just discovering and exploring new places. It has also accelerated my inner journey where I have discovered and explored new parts of myself. I’ve been travelling alone on numerous trips. This was unthinkable if you would have asked a younger version of me, so yet again, one more fear that I have faced. 2014 I launched one of the first businesses in commercial Virtual Reality. As a pioneer in a “new” tech field I threw a bunch of lectures in various industries. This was really valuable as it forced me to face one of my fears (as for many others) to be on stage and talk to a crowd. However, gradually I realized that I actually enjoyed being in stage and wanted to do it more often. To fast forward the tape, after spending some time in NYC combined with a lot of travelling, I’m now back in Stockholm. When the founder, Camilla, asked me if I wanted to be a part of this exciting journey, I couldn’t say no. I see myself as a loving free spirit and my mission in We Got Cookies is to support people to love themselves more and allow themselves to enjoy their bodies and their life in general.

    Stefan Höglund

    Party + Event Host and Designer