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We got  cookies After hours

Minimal House

We Got Cookies After Hours is the ultimate party concept for those who crave deep, minimal, and sexy techno and house music with hypnotic bass lines.

Sexy Techno

Our events are for those who seek a freer and sexier way to club very, very late without compromising on their love for music.


Whether you identify as kinky, queer, gay, non-binary, or simply awesome, our parties welcome all of you lovelies to the after hours, when the real party starts…

We got cookies

was conceived in the after hours of an underground club dance floor.

In the peak of the era of Notorious party promoter Damien Eie's wild underground techno parties in Stockholm and sometimes Berlin. Dancing to amazing techno and house is the blood in its veins.

And so We got cookies founder Camilla Wellton felt it was natural that WGC also host parties with her favourite DJ's from the scene.

The result is We got cookies After Hours. A concept that brings the Sexiest beats and a intensely body positive vibe together for those who love to love and dance until very late far away from the mainstream clubs.

Our Resident

We’re incredibly proud to introduce our resident DJ, the talented Ossian Reynolds. Known for his magnetic presence in the Swedish underground club scene, Ossian is not just a renowned DJ but also a skilled music producer and dynamic event organizer.

His multifaceted talents and unparalleled creativity make him an esteemed part of our family.

The energy and authenticity Ossian brings to our events are truly unique, creating an atmosphere that’s not just exhilarating but also transformative.

With his enchanting beats and rhythmic pulse, Ossian Reynolds crafts immersive musical experiences that will leave you begging for more.


Ossian Reynolds

Ossian’s music style is as diverse as it gets, but for ‘We Got Cookies After Hours’, he masterfully spins deep, sexy, dark disco that resonates with the core of our brand. His sets are more than just music; they’re auditory journeys that captivate the senses and stimulate the soul.

Our Hostesses

We’re absolutely thrilled to present our extraordinary resident hostesses, Stefan and Veronica.

Icons in their own right, they are vibrant personalities deeply rooted in Stockholm’s underground techno scene. They do more than just host; they elevate every event with their charisma and energy.

Bringing a potent mix of fun, sensuality, and warmth, Stefan and Veronica create an electrifying party atmosphere that is seriously epic.

With them, it’s not just about partying; it’s about creating unforgettable experiences that keep the heart of the underground techno scene beating.



Our next event...

Get ready, folks! On July 15th, “We Got Cookies” is stirring up an all-night party like no other. 

We’re kick-starting the evening on two boats, anchored side-by-side in the harbor. 

The beats drop, the drinks flow, and the good times roll until 3 am. That’s when one boat takes a breather and the other hits the open water for an epic night cruise. 

We’re talking dancing till dawn, a sun-soaked deck, and a sunrise that’ll make your heart skip a beat.

And hey, we’ve got even more in store for you. We’re rolling out a lineup of mind-blowing performances and workshops to push your boundaries and ignite your imagination.

Leading the pack is the one and only, Shibari guru Molly Lindau. Molly will be on the lounge boat, hosting her much-coveted workshops.

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, Molly’s got something for everyone.

But remember, spaces are limited, so snag your spot as soon as you get your hands on a ticket.

...Uncharted Desires

As the moon takes center stage, get ready for a show-stopping performance on the main deck.

An unbeatable quartet is set to blend pole dancing, burlesque, gogo dancing, and a pinch of the unexpected. They’re sure to set the night on fire.

Now, let’s talk tunes. We’re stoked to announce that our resident DJ, Ossian Reynolds, will be spinning his signature deep sexy dark disco, promising to keep the energy high and the dance floor moving.

Joining him is Sigvard Dackevall from the Transformative collective Brus, notorious for their electrifying Radiobrus DJ sessions.

Together, they’ll set the perfect vibe for our sunrise cruising. More TBA

This night is designed to awaken your senses, fuel your spirit, and serve you a taste of life’s magic. So, if an epic musical and sensual journey  on the open water, under the starlit sky, with pulse-pounding beats sounds like your thing, you’re in the right place.

So, clear your calendar for July 15th. Get ready to dance under the sky, to welcome the sun, and to be part of a night that’ll go down in history. We can’t wait to party with you!

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