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We got cookies

was conceived in the after hours of an underground club dance floor.

"I find that the underground scene is a place where people can truly let go and express themselves freely without the constraints of mainstream culture.

For me, dancing to techno and other underground genres is a way to connect with my own creative energy and let go of any inhibitions or self-doubt."

Camilla Wellton

And so, We got cookies founder Camilla Wellton felt it was natural that WGC also host parties with her favourite DJ's from the scene.

The result is We got cookies After Hours.

A concept that brings the Sexiest beats as well as an intensely body positive vibe served together with all the right spices for those who love to love and dance until very late far away from the mainstream clubs.

We got cookies

was impregnated by the body positive spaces of Stockholm's kink scene.

We got cookies founder Camilla Wellton is blessed to have had teachers such as stellar Shibari master Andy Buru, Molly Lindau and many more as well as members of the Shibari community in Stockholm.

They have shown her that one's capacity to experience pleasure is something that has no bounds other than those you choose to set.

To explore one's sensual potential in a warm, fun, safe and respectful space is life altering both on a physical, emotional and mental plane.

And so, to share this experience forward so that as many as possible can experience more pleasure in life, Camilla and We got cookies is creating a space where everyone can come study the sensuous and sensual arts.

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