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About  Our Leather

Only the best for You

Tärnsjö Garveri, House of Leather supplies a very specialized market that demands only the highest premium vegetable tanned leather.

The art of vegetable tanning leather is thousands of years old.

Since 1873 Tärnsjö Garveri has been using these time-tested methods.

Why? Because the aesthetic of vegetable tanned leather is unparalleled and the patina that it develops with use over time cannot be produced any other way.

It is also the only way to produce premium leather of desired quality while at the same time respecting our environment.

This tannery is among the remaining 5% of tanning houses worldwide who still employ the tradition of vegetable tanning in favor of the more time and cost-efficient chrome excel method.

They use bark extracts, water and water-based finishing. And the resulting aesthetic is of unparalleled quality and beauty.